Temple Detox

Temple Detox
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Peace in the Waiting Room

It’s late. My mind is weaving my dreams together with the beautiful dose of reality that She Speaks 2017 generously poured out. I feel the weight of the enormous call of God upon my heart: to speak His truth, to write His truth, for women who are searching for freedom, refreshment, and empowerment. It would be an honor to always point them to the profound truths in the Word of God and His Holy Spirit. Oh Glory Jesus! To you be praised! For YOU Lord have set my heart to dancing, my lips to singing! In you, through you, Jesus I am FREE and my heart is compelled forward to share this freedom with every beautiful daughter of God!

But this ministry begins in my home. HOME! My soul is yearning to be home cuddling my baby girls, whose hearts are the first assignments that God has given me. Ministry is hard, no matter where you are: in the home, at a store, on a stage. It demands sacrifice, submission, obedience…and vast amounts of patience and love! What a gift it is to see motherhood as a ministry full of purpose. It erases the monotony of the daily tasks and shines a light upon the opportunities to encourage faith and character within my babies. The deepest prayer of my heart right this moment is that I will continue in obedience to God’s call in the “right now” while preparing for the future fulfillment of the purposes He has given me. Ultimately, I am praying that one day my girls will be dignified daughters of the King, serving beside me and ministering freedom and love into hearts of those in need. 

So tomorrow, I will drive home, as fast as I legally can, and wrap my arms around my beautiful princesses and baby boy! With a rejuvenated soul and a grateful heart I will return to the mundane tasks of motherhood- all the while allowing God to grow me in wisdom and strength. With a new perspective,  I will be at peace in the waiting room. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The best of intentions meet the reality of life

Well, hello there! It's been too long... I know... Forgive me! I had the best of intentions back in March. I had hopes and dreams of sharing my heart with you on, at least, a weekly basis! Alas, the reality of life leaves us here, months later with no new posts in over 3 months. 

Currently, I am sitting here typing at a beautiful wooden table my mom gave me, while also watching my children play. These little ones eat up my days as I cycle through the daily routine of feeding them, changing diapers, feeding them, cleaning up messes and folding laundry, feeding them, more diapers and messes...the drudgery of this cycle depletes my soul, while the beauty of their exploration, imaginations and laughter fills me back up. God is good like that, allowing the intangible things of life to be precious gems that restore joy and remind us of our purpose. 

Speaking of purpose, back in May I had a bit of a scare- thyroid cancer! Oh my word, for two weeks I cried, prayed, fasted and refocused my life. The result was a clearer perspective on the things that matter most, followed by a truly incredible miracle of healing. One with MEDICAL PROOF! It's a pretty awesome God story- but not the story for today. 

The story for today is one of obedience and fear. Today I am hopelessly unprepared to leave for my trip to She Speaks 2017. This summer has been busy as I faced my fear of traveling with 3 little ones alone. Though I am refreshed with confidence after overcoming this fear, I am now terrified to attend She Speaks and meet with 3 publishers! But I felt God's call to go, and with my wonderful husband's encouragement, I will present myself as best as I can.

Shhh...I have a secret! I have a fourth baby- a devotional that I wrote two years ago as I laid in bed praying I would not miscarry by baby. Unfortunately I lost my precious child, but in that time a work was born that I truly believe can help refresh the souls of many believers. God was so good to me in that time of sorrow; He gave me inspiration and purpose beyond my dreams! 

The following summer I attended She Speaks 2015 and was so encouraged. I could see my dream coming true...until I arrived home. The day after I arrived home I found out I was pregnant again. I lost that baby a week later. My heart was broken in pieces that only began to mend a month later with the news that I was once again pregnant! I am happy to say that my son Joshua is a healthy 14 month old learning to walk and talk better each day. His birth was followed by our move from Virginia to North Carolina. Which was followed by a tumultuous year of travel, and adjusting to three children while my husband began to prepare for deployment. Then, just as I began to settle in, build community and find time to write, my life was thrown for a loop with the thyroid cancer scare. 

I say this with gratitude, but this past year has broken me! The demands of motherhood, and single parenting in my husband’s absence, have weighed heavily on my heart as I learn to balance my hopes and dreams with the daily tasks I mentioned above. That said, in the limited free time that I could keep my eyes open; I worked to improve my devotional.  Can a creative heart ever find that perfection they so desire? No, I don't think so. But I believe that God can help me arrive to a beautiful point of completion. 

Back in 2012, I chose a birth verse- a bible verse to mediate on as I labored with my first baby. 

2 Timothy 1:7For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 
This has become my life verse!  Just a day ago, as I was overwhelmed by everything I needed to complete before heading to She Speaks on Thursday morning, I turned my car on and the radio host's voice blared through, declaring 2 Timothy 1:7 and a spirit of peace settled upon me. I will not dwell with a spirit of fear (or stress!)...but of power, love and self-control.

And that is my prayer. Whether the publishers take an interest in my work or not, I will continue to persevere in obedience and self- control. I will overcome my fear of rejection. Because the God of the Universe has chosen me and inspired me to write (even if its once every three months!), I will declare that the only approval I truly need comes from Him. I hope you believe this too! 
~Blessings and Peace~


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sharing GOOD News!

It wasn’t long ago that I felt an enormous call on my life to write and speak for Jesus. I say this humbly, because in fact we are all called to speak of Jesus and our testimonies of Him! We are each encouraged to use our special gifts and talents for the purpose of His kingdom.  Yet, I’ve known for over nine years that my call was to women’s ministry as a speaker and writer. I have grappled with fear and insecurity, pushing down the impulses to speak out. I was denying my true self and as a consequence I have dealt with a lingering unhappiness. I was not fulfilled because I was not walking in obedience to God’s directive. I confess today, I have not been a faithful maidservant to my King. I have made excuses and ignored directives. The GOOD news is that God has not given up on me! Tonight, as I sit at tiny table at Panera, enjoying a quiet meal alone (YAY for a wonderful babysitter!) I am ready to take this leap of faith and proclaim that I will speak as the prophets have since the days of old: I will be bold. I will speak biblical truths and share my life’s experiences as I walk in devotion to Jesus.

Tonight, I will re-launch my blog and share with the world! This is all because I obeyed when God instructed me to write and essay for Relevant Pages Press Motherhood Anthology contest. I almost didn’t do it. I tried twice. One idea never came to fruition. The second was poured out of my soul after a long and terrible day of mothering. I decided not to submit it. But the day the submission was due; the Holy Spirit was on me so strongly and would not allow me to push down the regret already welling up inside of me. So with three hours to spare, I edited my second essay and submitted it within minutes of the deadline.

The following day I woke up sick with a horrible cold. I lost my voice.  And yet, I had found the courage to use my voice through the written word. As I waited and recovered from the horrible attack on my immune system, peace settled upon me. I was not anxious to find out. I just knew that this essay would either confirm that yes this is what God wanted me to do, or no, my calling was elsewhere. Fifteen days later, I found out that YES, my essay had been selected for publication! YES, this was my calling! YES, God was going to bless my humble efforts for HIS glory. The next day I was sick and I lost my voice.

There are no coincidences in God’s kingdom. That’s what my momma has always told me. So I look at the attack against my voice as a sign that the enemy of my soul is scared of me stepping into my God given calling. That makes it even more exciting to see where God is going to lead me.  I hope that you will take this journey with me, and that you will be blessed by my humble obedience.

For information on the upcoming Motherhood Anthology visit: http://www.relevantpagespressllc.com/anthology

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

From where does my comfort come?

The world is increasingly darker these days. I look at the global environment and do not see the world in which I grew up.  Part of it is that I am maturing, gaining an adult perspective. To be sure I am not saying that violence and death, famine and poverty weren’t around before. They most definitely were! However, I sense a fear and hopelessness that is increasing all around. Does anyone else feel a fear that has begun to take root inside the global population? Do you sense a state of hopelessness that has begun to paralyze much of humanity in the face of unadulterated evil?  I hear anger and calls for revenge sounding forth as conflict increases. Compassion and solidarity seem to flourish in the wake of tragedy, while prejudice and hate grow alongside it. But when the emotions settle and time moves forward will we, as a world population, have changed anything to prevent future tragedies? It isn’t just Global Terrorism though. It’s the increase in human trafficking, racial division, economic division, religious division, abuse, sex crimes of all kinds, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc. I foresee a future that scares me, for the sake of my children and grandchildren. As a mom, I wonder how I am going to protect my children, preserve their physical and spiritual purity all the while preparing them for the gloomy reality that evil abounds. But then I see Jesus holding the world in His tender hands. I see tears fall from Heaven cleansing the souls of the saints. I see the salt of the earth beginning to shine like stars in the depth of night. The bible promises that this world will be as in the days of Noah before the coming of the Son of Man, but the very same book promises us a Comforter in the form of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the turmoil and evil. Prayers rise up to heaven as pleasant incense to our God.  All prayers, whether they are superficial, seemingly insignificant or desperate pleas of life and death, ALL of them are meaningful to the God of creation who desires relationship with His children.  Prayer means they are talking to Him. Acknowledging Him. God can move in the hearts of man through the communication of prayer, and it is this very tool that so many Christians, myself included, often neglect. If we would enter into ceaseless prayer as scripture implores us too, we could shine brighter and brighter for those who need hope.  If we would send up our gift offerings of praise, worship and prayer with increased fervor, Heaven would respond mightily with signs and wonders that erase hopelessness and replace it with faith and hope in Jesus! This is what I am going to focus on when I feel despair or fear. This is what I am aiming to teach my children. So when they begin to see the darker things of this world, they will hopefully respond without a spirit of fear, but with power, love and a sound mind. This is the Comfort that lives within me. 

2nd Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Encouragement for the Bride of Christ!

It’s been heavy on my heart that something is coming. For over 6 years I have been studying Biblical prophecy under bible scholars Chuck Missler, Bill Salus, Perry Stone, Jonathan Cahn, Mark Blitz, etc.  Today we see the world stage being set for numerous prophecies to be fulfilled. We see the rise of apocalyptic driven ISIS, Iran steaming toward nuclear power, Christians being persecuted around the world in numbers never before seen. There is a rising fervor around the globe that screams, “Something is coming. SOMETHING IS COMING!” But too many people don’t have a clue as to what.  I am not one to fear monger or focus on the negatives of this world. I choose to focus on Jesus and the miraculous manifestation of HIS glory here on earth. And yet, today as I focus on Jesus I hear Him telling me to speak His TRUTH, and the Truth is HE IS COMING BACK. We don’t know when, but as scripture tells us, be watchful for the signs.  Whether you are a pre-trib or post- trib believer, a consensus is growing that before He calls His Bride home, we will experience pain and persecution like never before. A common belief is that this persecution is going to prepare Christ’s Bride; she will be purified and ready. All Christians need to prepare their hearts and strengthen themselves in the Lord so they may face the coming deception and persecution with grace and unwavering faith. We also need to be reaching out to others who do not know Jesus or His message of grace, love and forgiveness.
With all the distractions that our electric paced world provides, it is not surprising that many have not taken time to consider their eternal destination, their eternal purpose, or their spiritual state of being.  American society worships the Gods of Entertainment, Comfort, Convenience and Satisfaction. But there is more at stake than our physical state. The spirits of many Americans remain without salvation, even within the churches! Something IS coming, it has been touted since the 2008 elections: CHANGE. In many ways change has already arrived, but a bigger change is on the horizon and it will shake our nation to its very core. Those who are spiritually unprepared will suffer greatly and live in fear without the hope and promise of Jesus.  Unless…
Unless the Church steps out in boldness, preaching the GOOD NEWS. We are the ones who can offer life in a world that is dying. Jesus’ sacrifice must not be wasted. We cannot remain as prisoners of war in spiritual bondage of fear and anxiety and insecurity. The news broadcasted around the world is bad! The world economy is in free fall, wars and rumors of wars abound. But we have news of HOPE! The time is getting shorter, it may not be this year or the next, but your unsaved friend might die tomorrow. Did you share Jesus?  Will you regret missed opportunities?
The birth pains are increasing. There may be an easing up, just as in a natural birth the contractions roll in like waves and recede. Yet, the contractions are increasing with less easing; the pain will only be intensifying in the years to come. I believe this is happening so prophecy may be full-filled and allow for the ushering in of the one world government.  The bible tells us what is coming. No one believed Israel would ever be a nation again, yet God’s word promised it more than 2,000 years before it came to be. I just want to encourage my fellow believers to become watchmen- look at the signs and warnings, know what the bible says is coming and prepare. 

How do you prepare? Get your heart into a place of repentance; seek Jesus and dive into God’s word.  Pray without ceasing; let your life be a living prayer of praise! The good news is that there has been an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit these past few years. There is a momentum of faith building and growing all over the world! So as the bad news abounds, and we prepare for darker times that are promised in scripture, we abide in the shadow of the almighty and dwell under His wings! He protects His beloved and surrounds us with His angels and sends them before us to prepare the way for us! We can walk confidently into the unknown each day, because our God is for us, who can stand against us? The promise is abundant life NOW; with peace beyond understanding and joy beyond circumstances. For our joy is in Jesus, who reigns in Heaven and will return to set up His kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. Be ready Bride of Christ, your Groom has pursued and waited for you! HE'S COMING!

Recommended Scripture: 
PSALM 91  I highly recommend Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth!