Temple Detox

Temple Detox
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beginning anew

Welcome to the Frickie Ranch. To clarify, it's not really a Ranch. Just a sweet house that we call home for however long the Marine Corps decides to keep us here. The Ranch descriptive is from a baby shower I co-hosted for a lovely lady who I have had the pleasure to befriend. She is a country girl and as such we gave her a country themed shower! The location? The Frickie Ranch! Since then it has stuck. I like it! Mr. and I dream of owning land one day and perhaps we will make it a real Ranch...but for now, the only animal we have living in our humble home is a rescue dog named Kitsune (Kit). Our Oki Mix. But she is not the only living memory we brought back from our adventures in Okinawa. I am proud to introduce my daughter Rebecca Leigh Frickie: a beautiful, lively, intelligent, loving and rambunctious one and half year old. But wait! That's not all! Conceived in Okinawa but born in Virginia, we have the sensitive, sweet and gorgeous Diana Grace Frickie. Our life has changed so much since my last post in 2010; I cannot possibly fill you in on everything. So we begin anew, and the blog evolves from the journaling of a young newlywed to the story telling of a momma. Now that we have all the introductions out of the way, let's begin. Ok, I honestly don't know where to begin. But that is the story of my life in a nutshell. Focus- I have a lack of it. Seems like every day I walk around in circles as I try to keep both girls fed, clean and happy, the house clean, and husband happy and fed too! 2014 finds us in a chaotic stage of life as we adjust to having a 9 week old baby girl and a 1.5 year old tyrant! I feel very blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. Their love and support is invaluable as I wade the waters of motherhood. Some days, I think "Oh, I've got this!" and other days I find myself chatting with God about how much he needs to help me cause I'm sinking fast. Sometimes, both of those things happen in the same day or even hour! But I digress- FOCUS: I'm going to admit that I just looked the word up and I have had a revelation.  

1. To cause to converge on or toward a central point; concentrate.
2. a. To render (an object or image) in clear outline or sharp detail by adjustment of one's vision or  an optical device; bring into focus. b. To adjust to produce a clear image. 
3. To direct toward a particular point or purpose. 

I've been so distracted as of late, that I've neglected my time with God, and His Word. So I am going to adjust my daily practices and FOCUS on GOD and He will direct me toward my true purpose, and render the path clear! WHOA...all that from looking up a word in the dictionary during my ramblings. It sure does feel good to write again. Well, baby #1 is up crying so I better wrap this up. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

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