Temple Detox

Temple Detox
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let them eat cake! (and cookies!)

It has been a busy two weeks here on the Frickie Ranch. My Mr. brought home the flu and all four of us suffered through it. Luckily, we were doing better by Valentine's day and were able to celebrate a day of love with our lovely neighbors.
My loves and me on Valentines day 2014

I baked amazing sugar cookies covered with marshmallow fondant! I bought icing pens for the children at the party to write little notes on the cookies and deliver edible valentines to each other! I have been dying to try fondant for a long time. But fear of it being complicated or difficult kept me at bay. I finally just said, "I'm going to do it!" So without over thinking it, I dove head first into this project. You should have seen my dad's face when he saw and tasted these perfect creations. I don't know that he's ever been more impressed with me (I know he has of course, but his reaction was hilarious!) "You made these? How did you do it? How did you learn to do this? They are so perfect and fluffy!"

It was so successful that I dove head first into a birthday cake for my friends that same weekend! We were having a surprise Mardi Gra themed party. So my Mr. and I created a simple design to try and away I went. What a fun, very messy and sticky, challenge. I am now obsessed with cake design and want to create more. 

Giving credit where credit is due, My Mr. made the mask! 
Isn't he talented? 

I love new and exciting challenges that allow me to be creative. Baking has always be cathartic for me. Now cake decorating is taking it one step further! I have so much to learn, but learning is easy and fun when you enjoy the subject. 

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