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Temple Detox
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Friday, March 6, 2015

I am a PURIST.

Recently I have been pondering what type of mother I would label myself as. The working mom, the stay-at-home mom, the crunchy granola mom, the helicopter mom, the homeschool mom…Honestly, I don’t think I fall under any of them. I embrace certain aspects of each, but none of them identify my parenting style or choices. So thinking a little deeper about this, I determined to create my own label.  I am a PURIST. I am a mom who has determined to raise her children to remain PURE. I desire to help maintain their purity: heart, mind, body and soul.
            For their hearts, I try to show them pure, unconditional love and when I fail at it, because I a human, I show them how God forgives and ask them to do the same for me. For their minds, I am aiming to provide them a comprehensive, well-rounded education that teaches ALL sides of the arguments; i.e. Creationism versus Evolution, Christianity versus Humanism, Spirituality AND Psychology and Biology. But most importantly, I am praying that I set them up on firm foundation of a Christian Worldview; not that they just say they believe it, but that my children will know WHY they choose to believe or not.
            I am changing their food intake to keep them pure in body. A diet free of chemicals, additives, GMO’s, dyes and excessive sugar. I am purchasing organic, non-GMO meat, and keeping their meat intake low to prevent extreme amounts of the casein protein in their bodies so they wont be feeding cancer cells. I am using Arbonne’s ABC children’s line so their shampoo’s, body washes, lotion and diaper cream are safe and chemical free! I no longer use plastics in the microwave and have overpaid for steel or glass sippy-cups.  I am putting every effort towards showing them healthy nutritious ways of eating. I have invested in essential oils so that we have healthy natural alternatives to medicine, as well as cleaning products. I am trying to consistently workout at home, in front of them, encouraging them to join in, because as I saw a friend post on her Facebook recently “A strong mom raises strong daughters!” Lastly, for their bodies, I am teaching them modesty and respect for themselves; not to hide themselves in shame but in a way that honors the temple that God created them to be for his Holy Spirit. I will be honest with them about sex and dangers of promiscuity and it dishonors not just themselves but their future husbands.
            I am praying that as I live in faith, my children will learn what faith is and how it seeps into every thought, every decision, and every word spoken. I am praying constantly that they will be indwelt with the purifying, cleansing and healing Holy Spirit. I am praying that Jesus will be their savior and teacher, who shows them that living a pure life means rejection, persecution and hardship. I pray that they will have the strength and courage to choose the greater reward.
            To some, this will sound self-righteous, even pious. However, I write this humbly, in all sincerity, with the full knowledge that I have lived a less than pure life. But I stand on the grace and mercy of Christ and pray that I can teach my daughters how to live purely in a world that is increasingly toxic. I stand in hope that they will be light in a world of darkness, and when they fall, I pray that there will be grace and mercy waiting to catch them with the unconditional loving arms of Jesus.

            So I am a PURIST. That is the best way to describe it. What about you? How would you define yourself? Can you think of other ways to live a pure life? I would love some feedback!

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