Temple Detox

Temple Detox
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Voice of Truth

Last weekend I had an incredible opportunity to teach a course on "The Voice of Truth: Battling Ungodly Truths in Life and Business" at our Arbonne Team Training/Introduction to the business. It was so exciting and I think this information is vital to everyone looking for success in life and in business!

In the beginning of January, I sat down and focused on some ungodly beliefs I had formed about my Arbonne business. I was scared of failure and rejection. I was scared to be seen because I had not achieved physical perfection. I didn't want to be known as a hypocrite. I was overwhelmed by the demands of a new business, motherhood, at that time a new pregnancy and being an attentive wife. So many beliefs were dragging me down. I identified 10 of them and replaced them with God's truth. From that day on I walked in faith that despite myself, I would see success and I would begin to help people transform their lives spiritually, physically and mentally. My deepest desire is to see other people healed and finding JOY in life, just as I have these past five months. In February through the miscarrying process, as I lay on bed rest, I began to receive calls and messages for Arbonne orders. I wasn't working the business, but God was working it for me. 

Today, after earning my first promotion, I have been courageously sharing about my business, believing with all my heart that it can help others if I can just get the word out. I have also begun writing a 28 Day Temple Detox devotional to supplement the Arbonne 28 Day Detox. Today, 15 women are finding healing, encouragement and results in their efforts. I KNOW that those ungodly beliefs, those lies, were attempted hindrances to the transformation other people would find through my success. As I sit here, in my comfy chair, dreaming and setting goals for the future- I can only imagine how this small ministry that God has begun through me will grow. I am praying it catches like wildfire and burns throughout my community and family. I am praying for the men and women God would send to join my team! Tonight, I am waiting to hear the voice of Truth whisper the words of courage and wisdom that I will need to move forward in this unexpected, undeserved calling on my life. 

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