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Temple Detox
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Opportunity of a Lifetime!

I have currently been reading the book "Flip Flop CEO" by Janine Finery, Lory Muirhead and Whitney Roberts. It's amazing! As a result I am just blown away with excitement over Arbonne. The more I am learning about this company, the more I learn about network marketing, the more motivated and encouraged I become! I am truly taking steps toward changing not only my family's life, but the lives of friends, and future friends and business partners. It's not just the products- which are incredible. It's not just about getting to teach others about detoxing our bodies, getting healthy and making informed decisions about personal care products. It's not just about a Temple Detox Devotional that I have written to supplement the 28 Day Detox (which I am psyched about!). No, today I am over the moon about Arbonne's business model. And the lifestyle it encourages.

Have you ever loved a product so much you started telling all your friends? Well that is FREE advertisement for that company. Arbonne saves a TON of money by cutting out the "middle men" of distribution, advertisement, and retailers. Think about the thousands of dollars paid to celebrities who don't even use those products. Now consider how Arbonne consultants actually use the products and are getting paid to advertise! By becoming a consultant, I am simply getting paid to use Arbonne's products (which I do love) and helping others learn about them and obtain them. Network Marketing has been reinvented by internet shopping and social media. For Arbonne, there is a LOW buy-in cost, there is NO inventory, and NO door-to-door sales necessary.

Even better, Arbonne has a vast array of consumable products. Products that are effective, chemical free, and their wellness line is gluten, dairy and soy free, Kosher and Vegan certified. These consumable products are loved by our customers, this translates into return customers. Even better, those customers can become consultants, buy into their own store and make money referring others to use products they love! Because, truthfully that is all I am doing. And it is working. My pay check has more than doubled in the last 3 months. I'm not in this just for the money, but it wouldn't be truthful if I said it isn't making a difference for my family.

I have done other network marketing businesses before. As an english major and military-wife-to-be, it seemed like the best option. But they weren't consumable products, they didn't align my with "PURIST" ideals or passions and it was WORK. Each order was hard to get. I was finding success, but I didn't like "selling" to people, deep inside I wanted to help people. But Arbonne isn't just consumable; it is every day products! Shampoo, body wash, hairspray! Skin care, nutrition, diaper cream. Honestly, the business model just makes sense.

As if that wasn't enough for me to be excited about, I am making new friends every day. Only five months ago I would have been able to count the number of people I talked to each WEEK on one hand. But now I am meeting new, incredible, vivacious women each week and it is so refreshing. This business has become life enriching. It is pushing me out of my comfort zone. It is providing a platform for me to talk about healing mentally, physically and spiritually! This is an incredibly powerful business opportunity. I can not help but share it. If you are intrigued- watch this video (bonus: she has an Australian accent!) There is some different information for Australia versus the US- its only $20 to become a preferred client, and $79 to join! But the key information is spot on! Enjoy listening!

Ask yourself, are you excited about what you are doing? Where do you want to be in five years and will your current job get you there?  Is what you are doing working for you? If you are interested in Arbonne let me know! If you want to support me in business I'd love the opportunity to serve you! 

Contact me at: jdfrickie.templedetox28@gmail.com

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